The Completion of Cerebos / Kraft Heinz
Louise de Vos
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The Completion of Cerebos / Kraft Heinz

Cerebos settle in to their new surrounds

The essence of the Cerebos business has always been about their people and their brands.  Just as they have responded to opportunities and the changing needs of generations in Australia and New Zealand, they wish to do the same internally; creating a forward-thinking space as the business grows and develops further.

An amalgamation between Cerebos and Kraft Heinz led JDV Projects to be engaged to translate their brief and bring their new workspace to life.  We worked closely with the Kraft/Heinz/Cerebos team to translate their vision alongside award-winning design partner The Bold Collective to create a new 1500sqm workspace in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills. 

Following a complete demolition back to base-build, an open and modern space has been created to encourage collaboration and interaction between the team. 

The brief and drivers for change outlined requirements for an extended workspace to accommodate their business growth.  Additional zones and enclosed spaces have been created, from small quiet rooms for concentrated work, to a more formal 18-person boardroom.  Each new space was brought to life with unique graphics that connected with their brand identity.  Use of printed wall murals, laser cut signage and quirky green walls adds personality and pops of colour to the workplace.

A new “Townhall” area has created a central hub for the team.  Designed to encourage team integration, this large open indoor/outdoor breakout space and deck is perfect for company meetings, collaboration and socialising. 

Delighted with the result, the team have been embracing their new work environment.