Variety Bash 2019
Louise de Vos
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Variety Bash 2019

The Australian value of ‘a fair go’ is the most cherished value we have. But for thousands of kids and their
families, life’s not always fair.

It’s not fair on the parents of the 10,000 kids with a disability in NSW who don’t receive government support.
Or for the parents of the 36,000 kids whose NDIS plan doesn’t cover many of the essential things their child

It’s not fair for the 1 in 7* kids in NSW who are living in poverty, the highest of any State in Australia. These
kids have a higher chance of health and behavioural problems, and are less likely to finish school.

At JDV Projects - we are helping support the 2019 Variety BASH by donating money towards this important charity event.

If you would like to get involved through a donation follow link below.