Whether you have a new workspace that needs a complete fitout, renovating or refurbishing your current premise, here are some of the questions that are often asked.

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How do I select the right property?

The importance of selecting the right premises for your business cannot be underestimated, it should go further than simply aligning the company size with the correct square meterage for your current team. By considering your business vision and planning for the length of the lease term, you can identify a property that is flexible enough to meet any company changes or growth.

Engaging JDV Projects as your fitout partner in the early phases of the project will allow JDV to assess the feasibility and ‘buildability’ of delivering your brief on budget and on time by conducting due-diligence analysis on your shortlisted properties.

Contact us for further information on the essential considerations when selecting a new tenancy.

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How do I develop a brief?

Aligning your brief, budget and design expectations requires expertise and knowledgeable advice.

At JDV, our objective is to get to know your team, your project drivers and understand your business DNA. We will work closely with you to develop a detailed brief that is achievable and deliver an innovative and functional environment with the ability to flex and change as your business grows and matures.

Contact us to discuss your project vision and the steps we take to develop a commercially viable solution that meets your unique requirements.

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How much will a fitout really cost?

At JDV Projects, we apply the same focus and dedication whether your brief is for a boutique, budget-conscious fitout or a large-scale office with high-specifications.

Although there is no simple answer to how much a fitout will cost, there are certain key factors and considerations that affect what you can achieve for your budget and timeline.

At JDV, our company values are based on trust and transparency. We are open and honest about what to expect and what can be realistically achieved. This upfront approach will guarantee no surprises or hidden costs after the construction begins. Our mission is to leverage our industry relationships and value engineering expertise to ensure that you get the best solution for the best price.

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How do I choose the right designer?

Our methodology is to connect you with the ideal designer for your unique requirements, design style and budget from our curated network of industry leading design partners.

JDV understands Design is key to creating the right workspace for you and your team. Design drives workspace culture and promotes creativity and longevity in the workforce, producing an innovative space and flexibility to your business growth and ongoing needs.

Whether you are looking to find a design partner or already have one in mind, at JDV Projects, our methodology is to work with you to create a space you can be proud of, one that supports your structure and adds value to your day-to-day activities.

JDV have built strong relationships with many design partners throughout Australia and regularly work together and collaborate with a number of industry leading design firms and architects to create award winning designs.

Talk to us today about how we can find the best approach to suit your new workspace and objectives.

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How do I include process and culture in my new workspace?

Changing an entrenched culture is one of the hardest tasks to face. Creating a new workspace is the ideal opportunity to address any process and culture changes needed in your business.

A trusted and valued workforce is a productive workforce who will embody your vision for business success. By incorporating agile work settings and zones designed for team collaboration and social interaction, you will not only boost the team morale, but create a positive energy and culture to drive motivation.

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What technology do I need to futureproof my business?

It is imperative that your IT requirements are considered from the project outset as they are integral to the design and budget.

Detailed property due diligence can include current IT services and telecoms such as server room capacity and internet bandwidth to see what already existing and what upgrades may be necessary. We believe that if the budget allows, investing in the best and most up-to-date equipment and IT solutions can negate the necessity for ongoing upgrades or that chance of business disruption if future technical issues arise.

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Can I address the wellbeing and environmental processes in my new workspace?

Sustainable choices and the desire to be green are increasingly important during the planning of any fitout. The impact of these decisions can have long-lasting effects both on your team and how you are viewed externally as a company.

Sustainability and wellbeing considerations encompass everything from creating a Green Star accredited, right through to the importance of maximising daylight, conducting regular waste audits, offering fitness or end-of-trip facilities to promote employee health.

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What delivery model is appropriate for my fitout project?

Our team can discuss the variety of delivery models that we offer with you and advise you on which solution is most appropriate for your project. JDV can provide a full-service end-to-end delivery process or simply manage a part of the project.

ECI - Early Contractor Involvement is a collaborative process between the client, design team and fitout contractor. This model can include everything from building selection and negotiations through to ensuring that the proposed design and construction budgets align.

D&C - A full end-to-end service from project inception to handover and beyond. The collaboration between the client, designer & JDV will ensure that your project aligns with your vision, budget and timeline.

LUMP SUM - If a consultant team has already been established, JDV will act as the main contractor only, allowing us to focus on the build component.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT - If you are already working with a designer, JDV can be engaged as the Construction Manager. Our role is to ensure that the design and specifications align with your budget and vision and deliver the fitout.

GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE - With a transparent and ‘open-book’ approach, a GMP is locked-in before construction begins to ensure there are no additional cost surprises along the way.