Our Guiding Principles.

Our Guiding Principles ensure that we establish a shared understanding of your vision and goals and operate in a framework that demonstrates ethical and effective decision making at all stages of your project.

Establishing a new work environment presents an excellent opportunity to appraise your spatial requirements, as well as reconsider the company’s culture, staff needs and prospective business aspirations. JDV offer various delivery models to ensure the most appropriate approach is defined for your project.

1. Discovery

Throughout every journey we use collaborative tools to gain a deeper understanding of our clients that provide insights into:
What our client says?
What our client thinks?
How our client feels?
What our client does?
Needs Analysis
Consultation & Strategy
Identification of Challenges

Our objective is to advocate on behalf of our clients. In order to do this, we must gain a deep understanding of your team, their work styles and outputs as well as their challenges and pain points. In addition, it’s essential to understand how your clients and business partners interact with your work environment. We also need to be completely aligned with your business model and future goals. Our team at JDV know that in order to achieve excellence at the end of your project and beyond, we must first actively engage, listen and learn everything about your business’s personality.

2. Define

Client’s Objectives
Workplace Culture Considerations
Space Requirements

By aligning ourselves with your vision and aspirations, we prepare and plan to deliver an innovative and functional environment that considers your current and future needs for your people, property and business objectives.

- Assess physical requirements & business objectives, current and future
- Prepare space matrix/analysis
- Create return brief
- Due diligence on selected property (as required)
- Prepare test fit
- Provide high level cost/budget

3. Conceptualise

Ideation and Visualisation
Budget & Cost Objectives
Project Roadmap

With a thorough understanding of your brief, we develop comprehensive sketch or preliminary space planning concepts that focus on your specific requirements and project considerations. We ensure that conceptual ideas respond directly to your business activity and how your people interact within it.

- Sketch plan and design concept
- Preliminary F, F & E (Furniture, Fittings and Equipment) requirements
- Preliminary cost plan that is aligned within your budget and timeline
- Identify cost & program efficiencies and mitigate risks prior to construction

4. Design Development

Design Exploration
3D Modeling and Mood Boards
Authorities Approval

JDV have affiliations with design consultancies which we can partner with on your project, alternatively, we will collaborate with your chosen design team. We understand the importance of your new workplace reflecting your brand, culture and vision as well as being functional and sustainable. Working with the project team, we will ensure that you are offered the best design options and solutions that are in alignment with the project brief.

3D visualisation to describe the finished spaces.
A mood-board showing the look and feel, colour palette and materials.
Authorities’ approvals as required

5. Innovations

Value Engineering
Cost vs. Functionality
Collaborations with Industry Partners
Optimal Delivery Team

The benefit of Early Contractor Engagement (ECI) allows our team to ensure that the project brief aligns with the approved design concept and the budget allowance. Our own knowledge combined with our relationships with industry partners means that we can offer the best alternatives that achieve optimal solutions, whether it be a build ability, services, technology or FFE scenarios.

Leverage the JDV procurement power through our experience and industry relationships.Value engineering can release additional budget by substituting materials and methods with less expensive alternatives. This allows is to maintain your design and vision without sacrificing functionality or results.

6. Project Delivery

Maintenance & Repairs
Minor Works & Churn Projects

Our construction team are renowned for ensuring that the on-site phase of our projects is grounded on a highly organised, collaborative and transparent approach. With safety, risk and stakeholder management of paramount consideration, our Project and Site Managers work together with our clients, subcontractors and project partners to bring your vision into reality.

We want you to love your new space. At JDV we ensure open and consistent communication and apply our expertise and exemplary work-ethic from site commencement to handover.
Handover is always the most exciting time for us – we are given the opportunity to hand you the keys to your new environment, one that both you and we at JDV Projects are proud of.
We ensure that your relocation planning and logistics is managed thoroughly so that your teams and clients can continue as normal from day 1, without disruption.

7. Post Project

Maintenance & Repairs
Minor Works & Churn Projects

We continue to be your trusted partner following the completion of your project, addressing any concerns you have as well as your future requirements. Our Client Engagement Manager is available to ensure all communications are addressed regarding operations, training, warranties and maintenance agreements, as well as providing feasibility strategies that accommodate your business’s evolution.

Our goal is ensuring that you have a positive and memorable experience.
Ongoing post-project interface with our Client Relationship Manager.
Communications of all operations, training & maintenance manuals.
Our continuing relationship with you allows us to assist with future-proofing and planning for changes to your requirements.