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Brief, Budget and Expectations

Article by Louise DeVos | March 18, 2018
Brief, Budget and Expectations

How to make your brief, budget and expectations correspond

STEP 2 Brief, budget & Expectations

Your brief, budget and expectations are often 3 things that don’t correspond perfectly! Having the best advice at this point on your journey can ensure that you get as close as possible to satisfying all three.

Many of our clients have never been through or managed a fitout before, so it is important to make you understand what your budget can get you and how to make the most of that budget to get you to the best solution possible.

Defining a clear and focused brief is the most important part of your journey. Consider your short term requirements as well as your long term vision. It’s good to write a list of ‘must haves’ and also a list of ‘nice to haves’ so you can work with a designer and fitout expert to achieve as many as possible.

This is also the time to consider any changes to the culture or work methods of your company. This move or refurbishment could be the catalyst to change the way you work and interact. The work area is important, but so is the breakout and social space. Promote collaboration and interaction but creating breakout spaces. Often the best ideas occur in casual conversation rather than in meetings.

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