Hollard Insurance, Levels 14 & 15

After creating a strong and long term relationship with Hollard, by 2018 it was time to grow the business and expand into more space in their Chatswood office tower.

Hollard Insurance

The brief was a desire to provide a ‘thank God it’s Monday’ environment with open, bright and fun workspaces for the team.

The result was a space were teams had the choice of where and how to work. With bright open ‘townhall’ spaces, small private work/phone booths and break-out areas, staff were encouraged to collaborate and socialise.

The pièce de résistance is an impressive state of the art boardroom capable of hosting all 24 board members at one time. The fully automated audio visual and room settings are all controlled by a master tablet so that the room can be adapted at the touch of a button.

‘Smart glass’ provides immediate privacy, going from transparent to opaque in seconds, and a wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled, height-adjustable Microsoft Hub allows a touch screen and interactive experience which allows anyone to connect during the meeting.